Thursday, December 15, 2016

An Incredible Book

Call me old fashioned but books are still my favorite gifts. They are always the right size and color, inspirational and classic. My sister and I are bibliophiles, as is my husband. All of us have always been surrounded by books, and I’m so glad this characteristic has been passed down to my daughter.
As soon as my sister learned that my daughter loves to read, she wanted to give her a book. But not just any book, but a memorable page-turned she could cherish for her life.

Aunt Aysun was so excited when she discovered the Lost My Name Book Company she called me in the middle of the night to let me in on her idea. What could be better than a personalized book that puts Damla in the starring role?
Lost My Name books offer several story lines that personalize each adventure with a kid’s real name. Aysun settled on "The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home”, a space adventure that perfectly complemented Damla's interests and personality. 

The book is about a girl who doesn't want to sleep so she decides to explore space with her robotic companion named Hubble. These two travel to space for adventures with fun creatures.

The book is delivered in a lovely colorful envelope, and I have to admit I was giddy to open it! Of course the story is fantastic, but I’m equally impressed with the exceptional quality of their products. Lost My Name books lure the eye with vibrant colors printed on gorgeous,environmentally-friendly paper.

It has a beautiful dedication page where Damla's Aunt Aysun, Uncle Mutlu and Cousin Cagan wrote lovely sentiments.

Here is the main character, Damla, who doesn't like to go to bed. This story really is personalized!

One of the most wonderful aspects about this book is how a kid's name is used on almost every page, drawing a young reader right into the story. Damla is especially happy to see her name printed because it is not so common in the US. 


Other colorful and fun characters in the book are as interesting as Damla and Hubble, her robotic partner throughout the adventure.

And, here it is! A real satellite image of Damla's neighborhood. How cool is that!

Lost My Name uses high quality Mohawk Paper, an eco-sensitive and socially conscious US-based paper company. Check them out at

I am so happy that somebody somewhere came up with this clever idea. Thank you Aunt Aysun, Uncle Mutlu and Cousin Cagan. We LOVE you, guys!
Interested in a unique Christmas gift that puts your little ones into the action? Check out the Lost Name Book Company

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Washington DC Wedding- Sibel& Chris

I think wedding photography is the hardest but the funnest photography genre. Photographing Sibel and Chris' wedding definitely forced me to think about focusing on wedding photography more. It was the funnest wedding I had ever been. Since the bride was half Turkish and half American, I especially  enjoyed all Turkish influenced details, from decoration to some special Turkish dances.

Sibel and Chris were the most relaxed bride and groom I have ever met. They trusted me during the shoot and it reflected on the photos. I never had a dull moment that bride and groom hesitated to do what I asked them to do.

It rained whole week including that morning. Because the ceremony was at World War II Memorial, we were a little stressed about the weather. But rain stopped and cloudy sky gave me a perfect lighting situation. No rain, no sharp sun light, just a perfect lighting.

The ceremony was in the World War II Memorial and the party was in George Washington Masonic Temple. Both were beautiful historical locations with lots of characteristics. As a photographer, it was a extra fun factor to enjoy my job.

    Beautiful Dress!

    Most gorgeous shoes ever!

    Beautiful Ladies!

    First Look!

    Walking around in DC was not easy with those high heels but it was definitely worth it.

    We found "Virginia"!

    Ah! I LOVE those Star Wars socks!



    3 generations together!

    Sister Love is the most blessing thing in the world.

    First Dance!

    Traditional Turkish folkloric dance: "Zeybek". It was a surprise dance for guests.

                            Very emotional dance with daddy!

                 And a dance with mommy!


Bride and groom preparation: Westin Hotel Alexandria

Ceremony: World War II Memorial, DC

Reception: George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Florist: Vintage Floral Design